Thursday, 5 July 2012

Thrift Shop Finds!

 My dear friend, Nicole, is excellent at finding thrift shop bargains, I have seen her sniff out many things, including a gorgeous antique bassinet.

Her first grandchild is going to be born in August, and it is a girl, so the antenna are out! She had a weekend in the cotswolds. and nearly fainted when she came across a whole rack of  little girls smocked dresses. They are like new. What a find! 
I was amazed when I saw them, they are lovely quality, and have some unusual details, like zips in the back of the smocking, and false collars, and lining completely gathered and attached to the whole dress. I have taken some pictures, which really do not do them justice, but anyway I thought I would share some of them with you all.


Don't They Look Pretty!

The back of this dress has a zipper which is almost invisible when closed. The collar is detachable. They have been made in Paris, but with Liberty Print! Can you see how the lining has been integrated completely with the dress?                                                                  

The detachable collar, the lace has been embroidered over the top.
This one is my favourite!

Embroidered cuff.

 Maybe that has inspired some of you to go and scour your local thrift shop.....NOW!!!!!!

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